Fsyc not supported

Hey i recently tried to install COD black ops 2 on lutris so i had to change few setting (especially on winetricks) , well i didn’t sucsed to get it as well but the problem is that i was allready playing league of legends and since i changed some settings i can’t play LOL anymore like i have this error message : " your kernel is not patched for fsync. please get a patched kernel to use fsync" and “unhandled error : FSYNC_NOT_SUPPORTED”. it doenst’ seems to b a big problem but im not used to computer so if someone could explain me how to fix it that 'd be great and even greater if u could tell me how to play COD BO2 on linux.
thanks for the help

This is for certain kernels, it improves some games.
You can just disable it without worries.

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