Frosty mod manger needs administator acsess

I got frosty mod manger to launch but whenever i try to launch a game it says I need it to be Administrator. I looked it up and it said programs are given all the same access as wine but I think is a coded in check if there is way around please tell me

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How did you make it work and what OS are you on.

I am on arch using wine set to proton-7.0rc2-GE-1. Have the prefix set in windows 10 but the rest is from the epic games launcher prefix because I was wanting to run Star Wars Battlefront 2(2017) with mods and that is why i am using frosty mod manger.

Frosty Mod Manger: Downloads - The Frosty Tool Suite

Epic Games Prefix/Installer: Epic Games Store - Lutris

Here there github but it appears only to before release and a wiki with no source code visible

Have you tried just to open the .exe with lutris and then link the prefix to the .wine folder in your home folder because it works for me. i am Downloading the gamer atm to see if it says the same thing. But i use win7, not 10, wine 7.x and x64bit i have no problem starting the program, but it asks for a .exe file, so i guess i need to use the BF2 .exe file??

it starts but when ever choosing a game then click launch it says it needs to be administrator

It does support other games made in frostbite if you have one to try

what i did was made a new wine i called test i

Then I installed the Origin client.

wine (link to .exe)

And log in. After i had login, I installed the game
when the game was installed, i started lutris said, add a new game, give it a random name
under game options in the executable, i linked it to the Frosty Mod Manager EXE. Under the prefix, i link my newly made win folder with the default setting i don’t use proton if i don’t have to.

Run the program and say new go to C: Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/STAR WARS Battlefront II
and click on the EXE, and it starts initial loading. It did ask me to start the game so that i could install SDK.

and by doing that, it installed the epic client for me i just had to log in and started the game in the epic game and click next, and that was that i didn’t wait for it to finish it took way to long, and it sounds like you didn’t even get this long.

how did you link it

in wine just drag and drop

you are using the frosty editor not the frosty mod manger the download is beside each other

yes but mod works no problem under same .wine

yes frosty launches but when you try to launch the game it starts to then ask to restart as administrator

you cant give admin to app in wine from what i understand.
but my guess is it needs framework 4.x but idk how to install that without fucking up the wine if you want to try you can do a couple of things.

winetricks xna40
winetricks dotnet40
You can try to download this It NETFramework 4.8 offline and manuel install it.

Why dont you just use nexus?


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