Frostpunk will not start (nothing after "first time setup")

I have tried to install Frostpunk on both Lutris and Steamplay and on both platforms the following happens:
I start the game, the little “First time setup” menu pop-up comes up, it finishes and nothing happens. When I do it a couple of times it reduces the steps from 4 to 3 but the same thing happens. I am quite new to Lutris and the like so if I do anything wrong or give too little info, I apologise in advance.

System specs:
Intel HD graphics 4600 (a bit low but I wanted to give it a try
Intel 4700 HQ processor

Kde Neon 5.14 (Ubuntu 18.04)

I used the steam with DXVK version

DXVK version = 0.93
Wine version = 3.21

Hey, you graphic is to low.
On my 1060 i had like 30 fps so even if FP start for you, i guess there will be like 1-5 fps:D