From which sources does Lutris install it's stuff?

I noticed in the UI on the left upon first run of Lutris some 5 or so things have been downloaded and installed, if I recall it was something related to dxvk among other things.

In addition to those wine-ge has also been downloaded and installed.

I want to know which sources have been used?
are they local apt sources ex. debian repo since I’m on debian or somewhere else?

from where is wine-ge downloaded, and what does wine-ge stand for? I guess it’s different from winehq?

link 1
link 2
link 3

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Are you sure it downloads directly from GitHub?

lutris version control is in files called versions.json (~/.cache/lutris folder for the wine and in ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/runtime name eg d3d_extras for each runtime used) - these list the lutris area the pull occurs from for each. You can then trace this back onto the lutris git to see exactly which commit the dxvk used for example was forked from for use in the current lutris version.
An example of why this is important is DXVK NVAPI which has a release version of 0.6.4 in lutris, but once testing is concluded, there is an update currently in master to enable raytracing on Hitman 3. When the devs are satisfied, they can do an interim git pull to include that commit in the current DXVK NVAPI ahead of an official release of DXVK NVAPI. That said, it does need to be widely tested before it can be used as a default pull since the Hitman 3 fix could break other games (so far in my tests it hasn’t)

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Thank you very much for explanation, it’s appreciated!