Framerate locked on 60 frames per second

Greetings members of the community,

Since yesterday my Lutris seems to lock every game to 60 frames per second. If i start a game trough the original launcher (steam, the frame-rate is unlocked. I have the FPS limiter package installed. But it is not enabled. If i set a different frame-rate in the FPS limiter (for example 144 fps), The games won’t launch. Any pointers what i should try to resolve the issue?

Operating System: Mint 20 cinnamon.
Lutris: Latest version.
Kernel: Liquorix.
GPU: Nvidia 440 driver
Games: Killing floor 2, Wow, SCII, Payday2, etc (my whole installed library)

Thanks in advance,

Some more system information:
Lutris -d for the game killing floor 2
Lutris system information