Found a way to install genshin impact on linux

Mihoyo is a horrible company believe it or not. We can only play genshin on windows because of its shitty anti-cheat which only supports windows. I found a way to install genshin on linux. I also tried it and it works perfectly. There are genshin impact game launchers like “an anime game launcher” which works perfectly on linux. If you want to know how it works then you can read the FAQ page on their wiki. My question is that can lutris implement it on genshin ? I also request everyone to keep the project lowkey as mentioned by the developer in their github repo. I don’t want shitty companies like mihoyo to take action agains this amazing game launcher and make this project dead.

To play GI on Linux you have to use an unofficial patch. Does this launcher bypass the patch step?

I don’t know what unofficial patch lutris uses but the anime game launcher ( genshin impact game launcher I mentioned above) uses this patch - url censored by admin

We have to censored url from your posts to protect patch developpers.
I understood that this launcher uses unofficial patch too.
It will be a good idea to create a script that uses this GI launcher.
Feel free to write one.

It is very effective. It would be a great idea if lutris can implement it.

EDIT : Sadly I don’t know programming so I don’t think I can write one :cry:

If I try to write one, would you be voluntary as a tester?

Ofc why not :smiley:

You know that there is already a GI script installer available for Lutris users, I tested it recently and it works great:

Yes I was reading the genshin impact lutris page today morning because one of my friends told me that he is switching to linux because genshin works on linux now.

EDIT: I didn’t know that we can write our own scripts -

Btw got your github profile :smiley: - legluondunet · GitHub

hi. it happened so, that i need to install this game. and installation process hangs on stage “start monitoring process”. it might sound wierd, but i am not a gamer at all, not lutrix user and not playing games since i am 30, 42 now. can u help me somehow to install this damn game to my ubuntu 2204, couse it seems to be the only way i can communicate with my 11 year old doughter?

Hello, first install a recent Lutris version:

Secondly install Genshin Impact from a Lutris script:

Thats what i am doing, but as i say, download process simply jams… it opens wine desktop and does nothing since that moment…

you should ask for support on our Discord:

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Lets goooo!!!

Thanks a lot for adding the patch !! It means a lot to me.

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