Forums link should be on top of Lutris' website, prefer dark color scheme

I’m really happy about Lutris 0.50 and the new website, but there are two features me and some friends thought were missing during the update.

The top bar of Lutris’ website was very informative and had an easy access to the forums. Now you have to either save the forum’s link or scroll to the bottom right of the page. Having it on top was amazing.

The new website is very flashy, but goes against the well-known black and yellow tones. Maybe this could use just a little tweking to make it darker.

I’m really glad to see progress in the project and I’m very thankful about it ^^


Hi, very glad about new Lutris and Website. But if it is possible I also vote for Forum link near |Download, Games About| preferably next to About or aligned right. Also Where is link to “My Library”? Is it planed as a part of profile drop down menu? Or just missing? Thanks for great Lutris. Cheers.

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You can look for games in the Lutris’ standalone application, I guess. On the website, you may find it by going into your account settings, if I’m not mistaken.

I know about application but on website i don’t see a link that was available before, but it’s still reachable with

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