Fortnite crashes when in game(Solved)

So, Today I noticed that there is working installation script for the Fortnite.
The game starts very well, but the sound is crackling for some reason and when in game there is loud sounds coming everywhere. After 15-30 minutes after launching the game, it crashes on the epic launcher/desktop.

I’m using virtual desktop and all drivers are up to date.
Manjaro Linux with kernel 4.17 and nvidia GTX 1060 3GB.

Epic is aware of the frequent crashes and they are working on a solution.

I don’t believe this is WINE/Lutris related.

Looks like it is working right now.
Today I saw the new installation script and Installed the game expect I have to check “Disable Lutris runtime”, or it doesn’t work.

Make sure you don’t have any relevant payment information in your account details. They recently got hacked and had 8 million + accounts compromised. Tin Foil hat some would say to that. But I’ve been getting frequent unauthorized log-in attempts, and I have never played the game, just created an account about a few months ago for my nephew.

Luckily, I just started the game and I have not done any payments for it.