Fortnite black screen

Hello, I installed Fortnite and it started, but after starting the main screen is black and nothing is visible, but the game works, if you move the mouse around the screen, you can find the button :slight_smile: Please help to understand what is the problem. Sreens and logs: Yandex.Disk
May be I have Vulkan and DXVK problem?

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I’ve the same problem here, btw I need to tick lutris runtime to run it, but after the game homescreen I see a black screen.

Like the installer says it only works for Save the World mode.

Today, I still managed to go to the game, I got to the starting location, flew by bus :slight_smile: but after I jumped out and flew just a couple of meters, then I was thrown off the server (disconnect), it’s strange…:thinking:
Added new screenshots on Yandex Disk

looking at log, I saw the following lines:

  • LogWmfMedia: Failed to load mfplay.dll
  • LogWmfMedia: Failed to load required Windows Media Foundation libraries
  • LogInit: Warning: Failed to load XAudio2 dll
  • LogGfeSDK: Warning: 2018-05-14T14:59:34.998[E] GAME Core.cpp:126 Failure during NVGSDK_Create: NVGSDK_ERR_LOAD_LIBRARY Error creating message bus interface
  • LogGfeSDK: Warning: 2018-05-14T14:59:34.998[E] GAME CoreCInterface.cpp:79 Error: failed initializing SDK -1022
  • LogGfeSDK: Failed to connect to GfeSDK backend
  • LogMediaUtils: Error: Cannot play file://…/…/…/FortniteGame/Content/Movies/FNBR_BPS4_Cinematic.mp4, because none of the enabled media player plug-ins support it:
  • LogMediaUtils: | AvfMedia (only available on iOS, Mac, but not on Windows)
  • LogMediaUtils: | WmfMedia (URI scheme or file extension not supported)

As I understand it the interface does not load because failed initializing GfeSDK

Yup because of the anti-cheat. Like I said:

I doubt it’s because of the anti-cheat because Fortnite works with the EAC anti-cheat, and EAC as far as I know works on wine.

it uses both battleye and eac, and eac only works with wine for games where the developers enable it (which Epic didn’t), while battleye doesn’t work at all currently.


Which version of linux do you use to launch Fortnite? Because we are many not to succeed to launch the game:

I am using open suse tumbleweed and the game won’t start at all !

The black screen issue is caused by fortnite trying to play the season 4 video on start, logon to windows load the game on your account and relaunch on Linux and it should fix the issue

Ubuntu 16.04. Thanks for the clarification, about EAC and BattleEye. I realized that while the developers will not allow the game to run under wine, at least I will not be able to solve this problem (running Fortnite under Linux).

yeah i’m afraid the company that makes the best commercial linux-native game engine currently available is too lazy to support a linux-native build of their own game made in said engine… i’d love to see it work too :confused:

At least we’ll see Crazy Justice soon! :smiley: