Forestia, 640x480x8bit (256 colors)

I would like to run this old game on linux, and once it work, if everybody can run it easly, by a Lutris script, it’s better, but i don’t know how to do.

Here is the iso : https ://
Here is what i’ve found about 256color mode : https ://
Here i can find some files Forestia need :
http ://
but not this one : smxtra.x32

It look like i need DX9 D3D9 stuff, and PlayOnLinux look to be able to help me about that…

But, i’m not familiar with PoL nor Lutris, and not very familiar with wine.

How should i do to write a lutris script for that ? To test it ? to submit it to the community ?

PS : here is a french thread where i ask the same to the play on linux community :

Any help is welcome !