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[Flatpak][NoLauncher] Get Rid Lutris

I am thinking about eliminate launchers and integrate it with system. I think, that user need use DE UI to launch programs.

I think good choose is flatpak, where user can write (for example) in kickoff game name and discover suggest to install it. User will download script based on special runtime (lutris or freedesktop, I do not known yet), which asks question from where user obtain an license and if it is cd version or network. After few questions, script will help install game. Of course, script will have many rights, like talk with udisks daemon.

Maybe each script will be separate flatpak or just extension for luttris app (or other launcher). I am thinking about eliminate any launcher and integrate with system UI as much as possible, but if it will be simpler to use launcher runtime or something…

What do you think? Any help?

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I have an one question. Is there any Lutris-Krunner-Engine (Plasma5 search engine, for menus in example) integration? Maybe this could be similar project - just allow for search an installers without running Lutris window?