Flamma FX100 Software

I realize this isn’t a game, but not sure where else to get help running this software on linux and I am being lazy and using Lutris to create my prefix.

I’ve gotten it to run, but when it is loading information from my effects processor it hangs at 43%, if you don’t own one it won’t load for you, but was hoping someone could look at the file structure and have an idea of what needs done under wine/lutris to get it running properly.

These kind of things are the only reason I keep windows around at all anymore, that and VR stuff that isn’t supported yet.

I did try in a VM and it wouldn’t work either, I have had issues passing usb devices with virtualbox, QEMU sometimes seems to work with some devices.

It does work in gnome-boxes after installing vcredist, maybe that is all I needed to do…

Software in question:

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Hey there redkurn,

I can totally empathize with your quest to tame the Flamma FX100 Software on Linux. These peculiar software quirks can indeed be exasperating. But fret not, my fellow digital wanderer, for I have traversed the labyrinthine realms of Linux and wrestled with similar conundrums.

First and foremost, you’re on the right path with Lutris, as it often serves as a savior in such scenarios. However, the 43% hangup seems quite the enigma. Here’s my two cents: scrutinize the file structure meticulously, particularly the compatibility layers like Wine.

As for USB pass-through woes in virtual environments, you might want to give virt-manager a spin. It’s renowned for its prowess in device passthrough, and you might just find it a reliable ally.

Your revelation about vcredist in gnome-boxes could indeed be the key to your salvation. Many Windows applications rely on these runtime libraries, and neglecting them can lead to confounding issues.

Remember, persistence is your greatest ally in the realm of Linux sorcery. Keep experimenting, stay patient, and you’ll unveil the arcane solution to your FX100 conundrum.