Flamma FX100 Software

I realize this isn’t a game, but not sure where else to get help running this software on linux and I am being lazy and using Lutris to create my prefix.

I’ve gotten it to run, but when it is loading information from my effects processor it hangs at 43%, if you don’t own one it won’t load for you, but was hoping someone could look at the file structure and have an idea of what needs done under wine/lutris to get it running properly.

These kind of things are the only reason I keep windows around at all anymore, that and VR stuff that isn’t supported yet.

I did try in a VM and it wouldn’t work either, I have had issues passing usb devices with virtualbox, QEMU sometimes seems to work with some devices.

It does work in gnome-boxes after installing vcredist, maybe that is all I needed to do…

Software in question:

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