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FIXED: Realm of the Mad God Exalt Nexus button disconnect


Hi folks,

I’ve just been speaking with Deca, the developers of Realm of the Mad God Exalt (Lutris page), unfortunately the recent patch had big backend security changes which caused an issue on Lutris (at least for me with Lutris Wine 6.0-rc1) where hitting the Nexus key often fails to Nexus and instead disconnects you from the game, usually requiring you to Switch Server to keep playing which, in this case, results in an FPS drop and of course being hit with the server change teleport cooldown.

I recorded videos of the issue at (this is from a fresh run of the game, Nexus key doesn’t work the first time I press it but does the second) and (shows that there’s more problems after playing the game for a bit).

They’ve reiterated that, understandably, they can’t support Linux as a platform but they’ll keep an eye on the Wine issues created by latest ROTMG patch in case a future ROTMG patch fixes the issue or a future Wine version does.

Is anyone else coming across this issue or do people have working setups that I can use (my current setup did work before I installed the standalone Unity client rather than using Steam because the overhead from the default Lutris Steam install was slowing my game down. I think I’m just using Lutris’ Wine 6.0-rc1 (latest version on Lutris) with all the Lutris defaults (but with DXVK off), no Winetricks.

I’ll try testing this with vanilla wine next (I’ve learnt how to use WINEPREFIX WINE WINEARCH winetricks to run separate Wine instances etc) and if it’s broken in that I’ll then be able to file a Wine bug report.

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