(Fixed)(I suggest someone create an updated installer for Lutris)Earlier CAPCOM games RE 2 & Dino Crisis SourceNext Install error?

I clicked install with the WINE CD Installer, I have all the needed files to update my game when it installs, but I get error code 1280 always.


5800X3D CPU
32GB 3733mhz RAM
RX 7900 XT GPU
Nobara 39 KDE updated.

Resident Evil 3 SourceNext installed just fine using the install method with updates.

Fixed Resident Evil 2 by manually doing it all myself. Learning curve. I had to manually point to ddraw.dll for the patched game to work with modern features also.

So for anyone else, don’t forget to add ddraw.dll to key and n,b to value under DLL overrides in the configuration, also make sure the game is pointed at the bio2.exe as it will randomly be trying to run the uninstaller which wipes the data when you first launch the game.

My first sort of how-to on Linux.

Just now realizing the install script for RE2 is full of rubbish no one needs.