Fix for and Login not displaying correctly Nov 30, 2023

Add WINE_SIMULATE_WRITECOPY 1 as an environment variable on Lutris->system options tab

PLEASE NOTE - this is a work around if you are still using wine-ge8-24 - this is not needed if you have updated to the wine-ge8-25 (in theory as it is included in the wine build from GE)


that did the trick, thanks a mill! I reinstalled and tried a bunch of other things many times after I did the launcher update.

hey Jhu out of curiosity how did you figured out the work around??

I didn’t, CodeWeavers did to make it run on Mac OS

I should have came to the forum BEFORE uninstalling and reinstalling 4 times. LOL You are a hero sir. Grab a cape!

odd as hell this is not working for me…guess ill revert to the other workaround

Thank you! This worked like a charm.