Final Fantasy XIV - "Unable to complete version check."

Appreciate anyone who takes the time to read or help me out with this!

I’m trying to get Final Fantasy XIV running on my brand new Manjaro install (KDE 18.0.2). I have tried utilizing both of these install scripts:


The end result is the same on both, I get the following error upon logging in to patch the game:

Unable to complete version check. [30410][30607][10009][19900][10035]

I’m hoping someone has some idea of how I can fix this. The strange thing is, I used the dx9 install script and had this running under Solus just a couple days ago, I’m not understanding why it wouldn’t work here.

Here’s a link to the game log from my most recent attempt to patch it:

Please let me know if there’s any additional info needed to figure this out.

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Getting same errors messages here too. Need help with this…
Thanks in advance.