FInal Fantasy XIV - Standalone DVK not installing [Solved] + SB launcher not working [Workaround]

So I installed Lutris and fired up the installer via the Lutris website.
I had to install a couple of wine-stuff (since it was a clean install of pop!_os) and then the installer just hangs here… I’ve rebooted and started from scratch again… but it just comes to this point where it doesn’t seem to go any further.
Any ideas what to do?


Okay, so it turns out that I had to install wine.
The game is now installed but the game launcher doesn’t seem to work properly. Seems like it gets stuck here.

Found a workaround here to use the old launcher instead… seems to be working.

I was able to get the new launcher to work. It would take some time actually load but it would finally move past the splash screen as stated in the forum post.

I’m now using a custom version of proton and now it no longer takes as much time for it to load. I’m using GloriousEggroll’s custom [Proton (Proton-4.21-GE-2)](] but I’m currently looking into trying to find a way to run the Lutris DXVK version through Steam under XIV’s Steam appid.

I’m currently not having any luck with either Lutris runners for FT/Standalone, or using the GE version of Proton as mentioned above. The game runs fine, but the launcher just simply doesn’t work anymore, be it the old or new version, regardless of config tweaks and suggestions. New launcher just hangs at the splash screen. Sometimes with a scollbar and zoom on said splash screen.

I have a stock Wine prefix which has oddly enough had the most success. Using the old launcher it can install and download the game. On first boot, I can sign in but since it’s the 32-bit version (64bit doesn’t load the login forums so is unusable), the game does not boot, and swapped game executables seem to crash. Further, after initial setup (or a reset), the launcher will not log in, citing a JavaScript error.

My stock Wine is 64bit, and has DXVK installed and up-to-date via the AUR. If anyone has found a way around this launcher madness, I’d appreciate it.