Final Fantasy ffxiv XIV online - Dawntrail issues


Final Fantasy XIV online - Dawntrail (early access release June 28, 2024 - official launch July 2nd, 2024)

before latest game patch (June 26, 2024) - the game was running fine
after latest game patch (June 28, 2024) - only the launcher works, it logs me in, downloads the patch, when I hit play it just gives me black screen/window and Lutris “Play/Stop” button reverts to “Play”. Afterr awhile the game window asks to be “Force Quit / Wait”

Further attempts of ingame file repair tool, or a complete Lutris game reinstall did not solve the issue

lutris --report-issue :
lutris -d : lutris-d.txt -
lutris-game-log : https // pastebin . com / ku54feFT

I see that you are using wine-ge-8-26-x86_64, the game did get a graphical update so this might be the issue. SE did do some changes to the engine too, so this might be giving you problems under that version on wine-ge. I have the game running under steam’s Proton experimental bleeding edge, I played it earlier and no issues with it. You can give this a try and hopefully this fixes the issue for you. I attached a screenshot of my launcher settings.

Thank you for your reply.

unfortunately switching to Proton-Experimental did not affect the issue.

the only change is now the Lutris “Play/Stop” button stays on “Stop” until the game window is closed.

lutris -d : attempt2-lutris-d.txt -
gamelog : attempt2-dawntrail-gamelog.txt -


sorry to hear that didn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:, I ran the game with the same version of wine ge you did. I didn’t get the same issue you have, so i’m looking online for information on this. I think I encountered an issue like this in the past, but I don’t remember how I got it fixed. I’m looking through your error logs, hopefully I can spot something to help you out.

I have reinstalled the game using the “Flatpak” version.
I am able to play now.

that is great news, I was looking online for similar issues but didn’t help much. that and the fact that I got stuck at work the night before and didn’t have much time to be online till right now. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, happy gaming. :slight_smile: