Fifa 19 black grass

Yesterday i re install linux mint in mi pc so i can run some test with Origin games with the final goal that erase my windows partition for ever and ever.
I install lutris, nvidia drivers 4.30 and can play Battlefield V without any problems, using the Battlefield V script provided in Lutris.
Anyway, using the same script i can’t launch FIFA 19, and using the FIFA 19 script (installing other winerefix with other Origin) Origin can’t go online. I have this issue too with the BFV script but runing the ./ in the /battlefield-v/drive-c/Program Files/Origin solved that, but repeat the same steps in the /fifa-19/drive_c/Program Files/Origin don’t make any diference and can’t go online.
Any sugestion?

EDIT: So i figure out and installed dotnet using winetricks and managed to open fifa but now i see all grass in black…i read several post and would be fine because the bug was already fix but i continue see the grass in black…any ideas?