FFXIV stuttering/sluggish

I installed FFXIV with the standalone DXVK installer. I am using the 3.16 esync version specifically for FFXIV. I am getting a constant 60 FPS, but I have noticed that certain areas or every now and then I get horrible stutter and generally sluggish camera movement. It feels choppy.

Is there a known fix to this? Is it just shader cache stuff?


I use the last 4.5 wine version with FFXIV and DXVK 1.0.2, no stutter. What is your GPU? Drivers version?

I’m using GTX 970 with 418.43 driver. I used the install script off of Lutris. How can I use WINE 4.5? Just install it from runner (tkg-4.5?) and select it?