FFXIV not starting after 5.0 Patch

FFXIV got the 5.0 ShB patch and came out of maintenance today, but no longer starts.

  • The launcher (both ffxivboot and ffxivboot64) works
  • Once pressing Play, the launcher disappears and then nothing happens (expected behavior is for FFXIV to start)
  • Happens with both lutrus-experimental-4.10 and ge-protonified-4.10 runners (latter confirmed working prior to 5.0 update)
  • Happens with both DXVK 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 (latter confirmed working prior to 5.0 update)

The game launches for me, but I get a weird error w/ the title in japanese and the rest of the text as boxes.

Potentially related to this:

Seems to affect laptop users w/ nvidia cards.