FFXIV: dx11 terrible fps if started first, but works fine if dx9 is launched first

Hi, so I have this weird issue: if I start FFXIV through XIVLauncher and select dx11, the game loads just fine, but performance drops heavily once I actually start playing (60+ FPS in crowded cities that I get with dx9 turns into 15, maybe 20 FPS while running with dx11). Weird thing is, that if I exit the game and then switch from dx9 to dx11, my performance remains good. Since the game offers me options that are only accessible with dx11, my assumption is that it is indeed running with dx11 on.

I’m running a fresh Manjaro install 21.3.3. and fresh FFXIV install (through the XIVLauncher script) on a 1080Ti with latest drivers.

When I tried to get game logs and debug info the game just wouldn’t start. Logs caused the old known error of game hanging on the opening cutscene and debug returned dalamud error.

The issue isn’t particularly pressing considering the game runs smoothly once I start it with dx9 and then swap to dx11, but I’d still like to fix it if possible. Cheers in advance o/

To be fair I see the same in online massive multi player games too, like WoW. I have a little rx 570 and In a crowded city filled with ppl my FPS drops like a dead fly. I mean I’m sure a super edge GPU would take care of that issue no problem. But otherwise the 570 runs perfectly(for my 75hz monitor needs) just fine anywhere else on Ultra settings using dx9, dxvk, fshak7.2.2, compositor turned off on game launch.