Fedora 30 needs winhttp dll


while using lutris to install things like the Battle.net Launcher or the EPIC Store or EAs Origin, I noticed that any of those installers fail on Fedora 30 until I add winhttp to winetricks on the corresponding installer. The error dump on the batlle.net installer also shows an Error while accessing some internal blizzard checkup url until winhttp is installed.
So it seems that some library used by default on Fedora 30 gives network access over wine troubles.
Has anybody else encountered this problem? The forums search didn’t return useful results in this direction.

Now the annoying part: Since nearly any game uses some kind of network connection, I currently need to add winhttp to pretty much any installer and since lutris doesn’t support changing the installers on the fly I have to edit them one by one and install manually. This get annoying pretty fast.
So as a first workaround, is there any possibility to add some winetricks dll to every prefix/installer automatically?
I could also try to switch the “faulty” library, if I just knew which one to point at.
Any hint is appreciated.