Feature request: Option to block internet


Could you add an option to block internet (on/off) in system option?
Why ?
Some reasons:

  • To prevent a game internal update
  • To block online contents in game or menu
  • To block check online stuff in game
  • To keep offline when use 4G connection, prevent our mobile data
  • To prevent our kids to buy items in game

Here are solution to block internet with Linux:

Thanks in advance!


I agree, it would be very practical.

As a workaround, I am currently using

firejail --noprofile --net=none

as command prefix (in System options).

I didn’t think of using firejail, thank you !
Basically, it works very well.

If you run from terminal

# unshare -n sudo -u <user> /usr/games/lutris

You prevent lutris (and his games) to acces the network