[feature request] host key mouse lock

I often find myself switching over to my second screen while playing games like WoW for example. Inspired by the fact that for a couple months now WoW always keeps my mouse cursor confined to the monitor with the game on, no matter what I do I was thinking:
Man how awesome would it be, if there was something like the host key in virtualbox - hit the key and the mouse is confined to the current monitor/virtual desktop, hit it again to release.

I may play around with README - xpointerbarrier - [DesktopEnv] Create X11 pointer barriers around your working area if I find a way to tell WoW not to grab my cursor exclusively.
But this is probably not the right place to brainstorm about that, so back to topic:
I would love a feature similar to the host key in virtualbox but for (wine) games in lutris.

Stay healthy and take care

You can try with second mouse and xinput2, if you use X.org. That is not perfect solution, but always.