Fallout Shelter

Hello Community,

I was using this information to install Fallout Shelter after I saw the PC Version by browsing Lutris “Store”.
I installed the Bethesta Launcher in Windows, then the game itself. Then I copied all via NAS to my Linux system and started the FalloutShelter.exe with wine 1.9.17. Nothing works.
With 1.9.13 and Patch 1.6 it should work (so says WineDB), but with 1.9.17 and Patch 1.8 it didn’t… Got no terminal lines.
Trying 1.9.20 at the moment. (P.S.: Didn’t works too…)

If we could get it work, we could provide an “installer” via Lutris, which downloads a .zip file of the installed folder. This could work. And should be legal, right? Because the game is free and isn’t changed.

Does no one even have experiences with this game?

Since the launcher doesn’t work at all, I couldn’t try it. Can you make the game folder available somewhere? (Also, I’m not sure if we can redistribute that)

I have no account on filesharing or something…
I will compress it and send you a dropbox Link. As seen in the wine wiki, the game should start without the launcher…

yes, a Dropbox link is good, if this works properly we can decide on the hosting options (probably not on lutris.net but there are other options)

You get it?

Yes and it runs great :smiley:

So… O.o
What did you do? Or more important: What did I wrong?

I did nothing special, used a blank 64bit prefix and Wine 1.9.21 x86_64, ran out of the box.

Well Ok O.o

Is there a way to install lutris runners via console? I’ve got again problems with the checkboxes


cd ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine
wget https://lutris.net/files/runners/wine-1.9.21-x86_64.tar.gz
tar xvzf wine-1.9.21-x86_64.tar.gz
rm wine-1.9.21-x86_64.tar.gz

All the runners are available here: https://lutris.net/files/runners/

Thanks! It works now. I created another new prefix and everything was fine. No idear what was the Problem with the last one.
Is there a way to create them with Lutris? At the moment I’m using PlayOnLinux to create the Prefixes I start with Lutris.

To create prefixes, just point the Wine prefix to an empty location in the game options under “Win prefix”, this will take care of creating it.

Future versions will have more advanced prefix management but for prefix creation, this is good enough.

Well it doesn’t, when I point the Prefix to an empty folder it keeps empty

oh, maybe that’s still the case (I thought that was fixed in recent version of Wine).
If that’s the case you should set the path to the wine prefix but the folder should not exist yet. Then Wine will create the necessary files.

Would there be a way to get that working as an installer?

The Problem is that you have to install the launcher (What is no problem at all) and than start the Launcher to install the game, which is a Problem because the Launcher won’t start in Linux. At the Moment you have to install it on Windows, copy the game in Linux and start it. So the only “Installer” would be to provide a (self extracting) Download of the game which would be semi legal (you don’t own it, but it’s free) and you would have to rebuild it with every update.
Ingame shop would obviously don’t work at all.