Fallout New Vegas TTW and mods

This could apply to Skyrim or really any other game really.

I play a heavily modded version of Fallout New Vegas with Tale of Two Wastelands. Lutris is the best program I have found for being able to just copy over my 40gb game folder to get it up and running without out going through all the pain of reinstalling everything from scratch. I was hoping one day that Lutris would implement a “save game configuration” option somewhere because it takes quite a lot of stumbling around to get everything working properly. Mod Organizer needs .net framework. LOOT mod sorter needs special fonts…ect. I talking about something like an auto generating installation script that puts all the winetricks into place for you and maybe even saves your configuration exactly… fonts, wine version, command arguments… everything. I am not smart enough to make my own install script, but I could press a ‘save configuration’ probably.

Really what I want is a Linux native version of Mod Organizer that makes running all the modded Bethesda games in linux a snap. It’s been discussed all over for years and years but never materializes. Getting all the third party apps working with each other is possible, but tricky.

Lutris has such great potential. Thanks for reading!

Interesting read. :slight_smile:

As for Lutris configuration, all installers basically do what you describe. These are made by the community for the community.

When an installer is available it will be a snap to install TTW. I know the hassle as I’ve played with the modding system of the two Fallout games and the TTW version. Ow and Skyrim too.

As an alternative you could create a bash script that installs all necessary winetricks in the prefix.



A basic bash script would look like this (untested!):


# Test for wp argument
if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
    echo $0: usage: install-winetricks-ttw.sh -wp=[location of wineprefix]
    exit 1

# Loop through a list of parameters using the getopts function
while getopts wp: option
case "${option}"

sh winetricks mfc40
sh winetricks corefonts

Call it then using the command:
sh install-winetricks-ttw.sh -wp=~/location-of-prefix

As for your second question. The good news is that it looks like ModOrganizer 2 is open source. Secondly, it’s build in C++/Qt. In other words: its made for Linux. So this far from impossible. The problem lies in the availability of developers willing to contribute their time.

You can browse through the source code here:

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