Fallout New Vegas NetFramework

Hi i install the game from gog and so far it works very good. But i have a question is it possible to add Netframework 4.6? Mod Organizer 2 need this. I was able to start the Organizer but it does not work without it.


Update Wine to Staging 3.16 and install dotnet472 through winetricks.

Thanks for the fast response. This has worked and the report is gone. But now i get a new error:

The Windows Event Log service is disabled and/ or not running. This prevent USVFS from running properly.

do you have a tipp for this? I searched with google but i found nothing.


Nope sorry. Don’t have FNV.

I can’t install any .NET frameworks because I keep getting the error: “error: dotnet46 conflicts with dotnet40, which is already installed.” I tried wine staging 4.16 and 4.17.

Ok so I figured out that the default installer for FO:NV with steam automatically installs dotnet40 and dotnet45 because of “winetricks win7” I believe. So I just remade the prefix within the default winesteam prefix and installed dotnet472 and now Mod Organizer 2 doesn’t complain about missing .NET 4.6.

However, like Satyricon I am now stuck at the “The Windows Event Log service is disabled and/ or not running.” error.

Okay thanks for your Reply. So i think we have to wait or use an other Modmanager.

@p1r4cy use the MO1 Legacy from nexus this Version worked for me.