Fallout: New Vegas - INI not found, insert DVD

Installing Fallout: New Vegas in Winesteam results in the game not being able to launch with two errors: the first saying that it can’t find an INI, the second saying that the game hasn’t been installed and to insert the install DVD, despite being installed through Steam. Does anyone else have this problem? Using Wine 3.8 staging in a 64bit winesteam prefix.

I’ve seen this in Fallout 3. It’s your Wine version, I’m almost positive. Try Wine pba3.3 with DXVK. If that doesn’t work, try using those same settings on WineSteam, then just launch Steam from the left column, and launch New Vegas from within your Steam Library. Not positive this will work, but it works for Fallout 3.

This did not work.

Have you tried multiple versions of Wine (for the game and for WineSteam), with and without DXVK?

I tested Steam in a clean prefix running 3.8 staging with DXVK enabled via Lutris and it ran perfectly fine. I think my Winesteam prefixes in Lutris have gotten fucked up somehow.

Just tried it in Winesteam again and it didn’t work. I think it’s a Winesteam issue somehow.

Just wanted to add that I tried installing it in a vanilla prefix by manually installing Steam then New Vegas and it ran fine. Some people on Reddit have also been able to reproduce.

How strange. I’m glad you got it working. I’m near the end of another Fallout 3 play-through, and I was planning on installing New Vegas within the next couple weeks. I may have to follow your advice. Sorry I wasn’t much help.

I made a custom Winesteam script that only installed the game without any overrides in the default 64-bit prefix and it worked fine. The game launched perfectly. I’ve submitted a new launcher that removes the overrides.