Fallout 4 wont go past launcher

I downloaded the DXVK Wine version of Fallout 4 through Lutris and everything went smoothly except for when I click play in the launcher. It does the animation for opening a new process but then closes. As for my Linux setup, I’m running Ubuntu 18.04, Mesa 18.1 drivers for my RX 580, and my Kernal is 4.17.2. I hope somebody can help! Thanks

does this look like your issue?


Sadly, no. I don’t even get to the intro video. An invisible window opens and then suddenly closes when I click “Play” in the launcher. Lutris says that I’m currently playing Fallout 4 until I close out Lutris and re open it. Now that I think about it, when Lutris was preparing the game install it did come up and tell me that it didn’t have permission or couldn’t gain permission to go through the firewall but I don’t know if that means anything.

I just downloaded Prey as well, and it’s doing the same thing. Steam launcher pops up, spins for a while, and then it says “game has quit” in Lutris

Run the game with lutris -d and post the log.

Thanks for the reply! I managed to fix it by changing the version of Wine it was launching with.

what version did you change it to? i’m currently having this problem

What version are you using? Be sure to use ge-3.6 if you aren’t already. It contains patches for Fallout 4.

I have it but i don’t know how to install it. I’ve fixed the first problem I was having with steam web helper by changing my OS to Win XP.

I’ve also noticed that this git was built for arch, I run ubuntu so would that be a problem?

We have our own build of ge-wine. Go to Manage runners and choose Manage versions for wine. Download ge-3.6 through there.

I realize now that I was trying to run fallout 4 through winesteam and not wine outright. would that matter?

Unless you installed Steam manually you’re supposed to be using winesteam. All installers on the website use winesteam if the game is on Steam for Windows.

alright. everything is working smoothly now but I only have a controller problem. The right stick won’t work and the RT is is the confirm button (A) is there any specific repository for controller support?

Thank you so much for the support on this BTW. I’m really new at using Lutris and tweaking WINE so this has been a great help in understanding things I may need to do in the future.