Fallout 4 settings

Hello again. I installed Fallout 4 via steam wine (not dxvk).

In the options menu, the game says it can’t identify my video hardware ( Nvidia GTX 660 ) and will not offer any option for screen resolution. Which is strange, because skyrim worked just fine (though I installed skyrim via PlayOnLinux, not Lutris)

The game launches and lands on the main menu, but it freezes when I try to start a new game.

Any ideas?

Fallout needs to be launched with a patched version of wine. Not sure about latest 3.8, but was needed up until at least 3.5.

Anyway to fix the issue, start up Lutris, In the side menu right click ‘wine’ and then ‘manage versions’. Tick the box for the ge3.6 version (I found this to be an excellent version for many games as it has patches). It will download (you might have to expand the window to see the download progress as it is on the right).

Once downloaded you can right click on your steam/fallout banner in the main Lutris page and then ‘configure’. Go to the third tab ‘Runner options’ and there you can use the pull down tab for Wine Version to select ge3.6 (or any other version). Select it and then save, it will exit to main window. Now try running your steam client again. If it was successful you should see a winecfg update window as it switches bottles.

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It worked! hahahaha

I did as you said and it worked, I even played a little.

Fallout 4 still can’t identify my video hardware though. It toke me some time to figure out how to set my resolution manually by editing the .ini files

Strangely, in Fallout4Prefs.ini the sD3DDevice variable is setted as “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660” which is my video card. weird…

The UI is a little weird, probably needing some ajustments on the .ini file and the lighting is a bit glitch. But still, now I can play.

Thank you very much.

Glad you got it working, I still have a bit of glitch with lighting as well but it is very playable on the most part.

I also have the following lines in my falloutcustom.ini


sStartingConsoleCommand=gr off

That my help with any mouse issues and also the last command can help with lighting and performance.

For future reference, ge3.6 is a great bottle to start off with when trying to install and play any games manually without using the Lutris scripts on the site. Right now I am using it for most of my wine games (I prefer manually installing my games over the scripts).

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Thank you again.
I will try those settings.