Fallout 4 no longer launching

It was running and launching great and managed to play 41 hours. After taking a week or two off from playing I come back to nothing happening when I double click on the shortcut on my desktop or running it directly through Lutris.

After click and dragging the shortcut into the terminal to see what is going on I get this

XXX~$ ‘/home/XXX/Desktop/fallout-4-29.desktop’
/home/XXX/Desktop/fallout-4-29.desktop: line 2: [Desktop: command not found
/home/XXX/Desktop/fallout-4-29.desktop: line 4: 4: command not found
/home/XXX/Desktop/fallout-4-29.desktop: line 6: lutris:rungameid/29: No such file or directory

backup your games saves, delete the game from lutris, reinstall using lutris. do not run steam and click install, if you do that you bypass the lutris fixes. let lutris handle it. you may have corruption. have you used steam to verify the game files are still good?

Fallout 4 was a steam game, I’m unsure how I’m supposed to install it without steam using lutris.


  1. search for the game on the lutris site and click the install button on the website.


  1. search for the game and click ‘add to my library’ on the right middle side of the page. then open lutris software and choose Lutris->synchronize library. exit. reopen lutirs. the icon for the game will appear. right click and select install.

So… being not so bright today I adjusted the DXVK version listed in my Fallout 4 lutris install to what I currently have .72 (it was .63-5). Thought it might help the occasional glitch I’ve had.
It would no longer launch, no matter what I did (adjusting back, etc.). So I deleted and reinstalled using:

and I get this error: AttributeError(“module ‘lutris.runners.steam’ has no attribute ‘create_prefix’”)

Also, this seems to install from Steam, which is sort-of fine. Except I can’t seem to find a straight answer on why Mods are greyed out in the proton version. I Even tried uninstalling and installing straight from Steam, it launches, but has a mouse look bug, sound problems, and the same no Mods (which breaks my savegames)

Should I really be using the Wine Windows version that doesn’t mention DXVK?

Someone changed the runner to just be Steam. I assume they wanted Proton but they didn’t bother changing anything to the actual script thankfully.

Note to everyone reading this:

Unless you want to change something small (e.g. Wine version or add winetricks) please fork or make a new installer. If you’re going to drastically change an installer don’t mess with the existing ones.

Thanks, is there a way to get the old runner back? Well, a simple way?

I updated it.

Hmm, keeps hanging up trying to download the game files. You sure that’s the right one?
update: uninstalled (it hung each time) the game, deleted everything fallout by hand, that didn’t seem to work, uninstalled Lutris (deleted the files it left behind). Re-installed Lutris and Fallout it went better. But basically back to where I started this afternoon. The game CTD. How do I go about gathering logs? When I look in “view last game’s log” it is empty.

Okay, so the complete removal did actually work, I just needed to adjust the dxvk version, it’d chosen .72 not .72-1, which is what I had. I also tweaked the FXAA and graphics settings, but I don’t think that was the resolution. However, now I have the proton version working, but can’t resume my game because I had mods in those saves and the creation club and mods are greyed out… how do I fix this?


That I do not know.

So, I’m not completely convinced, but have read quite a few accounts that I’m not seeing the MODS or Creation Club options light up are because of some fuggery Bethesda pulled and the game cannot contact https://mods.services.bethesda.net/ugc-static/list/products. Any suggestions on how I could get some logs? The lutris “view last games logs” always seem to be empty. Also, is there a simple way I can see the prefix so I could maybe try a winetricks? I used to be able to winetricks from right clicking on the game (so I could do it without figuring out the crazy path to the prefix), but it just ignores me now.