Fallout 4 hangs when exitsaving

Unless there’s a way to disable exitsaves, Fallout 4 hangs when exiting because of exitsaves. I have to alt-tab out to the Lutris window and stop the game that way.

This sounds like something that should be reported to wine? Or is it only through lutris?

I think that was fixed in the latest dxvk commit. Put these dlls in ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk/0.50 https://send.firefox.com/download/6a578f394b/#EsjatPN_lex5XWFLLEyzHQ

I used a Lutris install script with DXVK so I figured this was the best place to report it.

@cxf those dlls did not work. I’m assuming those are from the latest release on the Releases page? I already had those.

No I built those myself.

That fix was for the crashing that occurred when loading certain save files. if you don’t want exit crashing to occur then just quit to main menu first. That seems to be only solution atm. The exit crashing can happen with other games also, its not a unique issue.