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Fallout 3 GOG crash


Installation of Fallout 3 GOG install script completed without issue, the game will play without issue until reaching the Door to the Atrium after waking up and rad roaches are running about and the alarm is going off… I have even tried a new “game” and can only get to the same point…

I have tried all that I can think of… but the second I attempt to open that door past the clinic… it crashes… same place every time… create a save, and load back to that save … attempt to open door to progress… and crash…

What logs can I look at, and or any suggestions of wine settings ?


I really don’t know what exactly was happening… but after figuring out what files and where the install script generates and removing and doing a “fresh” re-run of the install script, everything seems to be working great with the exception of being beamed up to the space ship which crashes every time once the blue beam starts swirling around you… But aside from that… I have had no other issues now.