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Fallout 3 G.O.T.Y (GOG) install script issue

How long should I wait ??

I have tried a couple times now… but when the install gets to the winetricks: winxp quartz part… it just stays there with the wiggly busy ball … I left it alone for 30 minutes once… and attempted an install 4 times… each time with the same result.

Ok… I was making the choice to not store save games in Documents and choosing keep saved games in prefix… which seems to be causing something to hang.

I selected the default option of save games to Documents/My Games … I’ll move / ln that later I guess.

I am getting this error too. Regardless of where I choose to have save games stored. Any way to get around it?

For me… I have a symbolic link for a “Games” folder that points to another physical hard drive… this was where I was initially trying to specify where to install… and the default for saved games which is “$HOME/Documents” is also a symbolic link in my case…

What I did out of curiosity was removed my sym links… attempted the install script again and just left every default ( Next… Next… etc ) … it worked fine… so I then moved everything, recreated my links and moved the prefix etc to where I wanted it… manually.

I didn’t spend any further time investigating it… I finally had a working prefix.

But ( For me ) there definitely seems to be an issue if the landing points are not the same device and/or sym links … in my case they where both… so not sure if its just sym link resolving or just an issue with being a separate /dev/sd? endpoint.

Well, I have no symlinks - I am now wondering if the installer is unhappy because I had cancelled a previous attempt and some of the directories were already in existance?

Anyways, I am going to delete everything and try again. Hopefully this does some magic.