Failed to recover wine resources

Good morning everyone, everyone!

A new mystery to unravel…
Since a few days, I notice that I can no longer download games from my built-in luncher. (GOG for example).

When I click on a game I want to install, I see this:
“Failed to recover wine resources”

When I leave the message, the installation process runs in a vacuum. And nothing works.

I have the latest version of wine updated via lutris.

I’m on Pop! _OS 22.04 LTS and I’m up to date normally.

Hope you have ideas to solve this problem!

I wish you a very good day! (or evening, I do not know when you will read this message )

I uninstalled, reinstalled lutris, the problem remains the same.

I can only download some linux games, the rest does not work.

Anybody got any ideas?

In about lutris, what version does it say?

Hello OJ1 !

My version of lutris : 0.5.16 Flathub (flatpack)

read the pinned message on getting the debug output and posting here

I think something messed up with the wine install. What happens when you select a different wine runner as default in the Lutris configuration?

People who have this problem on default (non Lutris) wine, solve it by renaming ~/.wine to ~/.wine-backup to trigger a refresh of wine.

you should be using wine-ge-8-26 inside lutris and never select ~/.wine as the prefix for installing things. So yes, rename .wine and recreate it, and aside from LOL and Eve online, you should use 8-26 in Lutris

Yeah. No reason to switch, especially with global settings. Ninety nine percent of the time it will work just fine.

Thank you for your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had already selected different versions of wine from lutris. But nothing changed. I also download wine and winetricks via terminal and via my os store application.
But no change, always the same problem.

So, I decided to erase everything, and re-re-download lutris. But this time I did not take the Flatpack version.
I took the “Pop Os (deb)” version. And it works.

I don’t have any wine problems anymore. Well I have other installation problems for some games (Linux native games that do not launch, games with source problems or error 256…) But I have some games that work again. It is already her!