F28 Based provide repository

Hi Devs,

Its a great news that Redhat 8 is now based on Fedora 28 and lutris can now be run. Devs Fedora 28 repo is removed from the repositories as now lutris is available in official repos of fedora 29. I request devs to please make fedora 28 repo, infact many people are still using Fedora 28 . Strider request to you :slight_smile:

I can try rolling a package up.

Sure ! They removed fedora 28 package i dont know why, still most of the fedora users are using fedora 28. Fedora 28 package will work on RHEL 8 too ! python 3.6 is the dependency which is default in rhel 8 and others are satisfied.

Even if you exclude RHEL 8 still many people use fedora 28 please devs provide fedora 29 package.

I found the package on Fedora 28 Update system


it will be great for other users if they provide the repo for some time atleast… anyways here it will work on RHEL 8.0 (not yet cauz its in beta and yet deps are not installable) but I tested on 7.6 version only 1 dependency python 3.6 was left and that is default in RHEL 8.0. so i downloaded from here and kept a backup.