Extract .exe in script

I’m new to Lutris and want to edit the Autodesk Fusion 360 script. The original script, if I have understood it correctly, saves the Fusion installer exe as a zip and then extracts it to patch some lines inside a file:

- fusion_installer:
    filename: Fusion360ClientDownloader.zip
    url: https://dl.appstreaming.autodesk.com/production/installers/Fusion%20360%20Client%20Downloader.exe
- platform_py: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/python/cpython/master/Lib/platform.py
  arch: win64
  exe: $GAMEDIR/drive_c/users/$USER/Local Settings/Application Data/Autodesk/webdeploy/production/6a0c9611291d45bb9226980209917c3d/FusionLauncher.exe
  prefix: $GAMEDIR
- extract:
    description: extract installer
    dst: $CACHE/fusion_installer/
    file: fusion_installer

Lutris gives the error FileNotFound when using the script, letting me assume that it doesn’t save the installer as a zip anymore. Looking into the extract.py of Lutris shows that the extractor doesn’t support exes.
As the extracting and patching lines is crucial to have the installer running I’m wondering if there is a different way or workaround to do this? My backup plan would be to host a zipped version of the installer somewhere, but that isn’t a ideal solution as I would have to update that everytime the installer is updated.

The first attempt to use the install script indeed resulted in such an error, however, on all other occasions (I’ve tried half a dozen times, running Lutris both with -d and without it) the download-rename worked properly. So if I had to guess, the error must’ve been because of some download failure (and it was an one-time issue, I’ve removed the cached downloads for the app before every run).