Experience with lutris on solus os

I’ve switched over to solus os from windows 7 and have been on it for about 2 weeks now. I’m making this post for anyone else who may run into these problems that I had running lutris on solus that I haven’t seen anywhere else online. This made my experience unique as I really didn’t have any real helpful documentation/forum posts to aid for the specific issues I have had.

  1. Emulators: from my experience the runners in lutris just don’t work on solus that well, they either spit an error (dolphin) run but dont save config’s between boots (liberto psx_rearmed), or run too slow to be playable (pcsx2). The best option for solus users is to use retroarch in the solus repository, just go to the software center and download your cores (emulators) there. They use more up to date emulators and allow you to use vulkan unlike the more out of date emulators in the repository. The only emulator I didn’t get working was the ps2 one and my thinking behind why that is: their developers haven’t put in the effort to get it running on non-windows OS’s. So their opengl renderer is just bad.

  2. dxvk: If you have nvidia, get an amd card (as of August 1 2018). The solus team don’t have the latest nvidia drivers because its quite hard for them to implement all the changes required for them to run correctly on the OS. So I suggest amd because you can actually get up and running without any driver issues as its just built into the kernal. dxvk games like warframe and overwatch just work on lutris without anything extra, just follow the instructions laid out to you in the installer pages.

  3. Installer scripts: I find the documentation on the scripts side panel when you are writing a script to just be poor. Its not very user friendly and there was a lot of trial and error on my part to get the installers to run correctly. I ended up using the Gun installer for a lot of my gog game scripts. Getting winetricks to execute was tricky as I didn’t find any clear example for running a winetrick. The side panel showed some of it but there were no examples on how to add it to your script in a nice clean way that would be recognized by the system. I spent hours trying to get Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD to get winetricks to run with the installer and it just never worked. I probably needed to reboot or find more examples of code, but I had lost my patience. Basic tip for anyone new is expect frustration if you don’t use premade installers and even then some games aren’t tested that well and you may have to go dig around online to find a solution.

All that said: I like lutris, It’s just not completely there yet, my solution is still better than what I had on windows with a million desktop icons and apps all over the place running all the stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: Using lutris for pc games, new and old. And retroarch for old console games.