Expected Time on Publishing Games


I published three games to Lutris last month (here, here, and here). Other than some manual intervention from someone helpful on the IRC channel who approved screenshots for the latter, all three are still pending approval – even screenshots are waiting for moderation.

How long is this supposed to take, or am I supposed to alert someone to request manual intervention?

I also publish my games to IndieDB (where I get instant approval) and Indie Developer (where I get approval within a couple of days). I understand the main risk here is people writing malicious installers, and/or uploading inappropriate screenshots.

If that is the reason for delaying, could we have some sort of community-driven solution? eg. requires five “upvotes” from community members (who have some sort of proven trustworthyness).

Normally it is faster but i think we have some problem with the approval system…

I didn’t realize those two things are linked.

Thanks…my bad.

Hi again.

Are there any updates on this @scottviger / @strider ?

Yes, the new submission review tool is now deployed to the website, expect any pending installer to be published this week.

I am very happy to say that all three games are now fully published, including deleting duplicate screenshots. Cheers mate.

Indeed, the new moderation tool has made it easy to catch up with all the pending submissions :slight_smile:

On a related note, and since you seem to be the developer of those games, this might interest you: https://github.com/lutris/website/issues/83

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