Evoland 2 needs an updated script


i don’t own the game which is why i am posting this here otherwise i would do it myself

I changed the rating for the existing installer.

As a bonus here’s the story about Evoland. This game is made by the company called Shiro Games, located in Bordeaux (where I used to live). One of the founder (Nicolas Canasse) created a language called Haxe that can cross compile to a bunch of different targets going from Flash to native code for Windows, Mac or Linux. The idea is great in theory but the problem is that they never delivered regarding their Linux ports. Evoland 1 on Steam was broken on 64bit architectures (you know, the one everyone uses…) due to the use of Chrome and Flash 32bit. Fixing the game on my side so I could play it was trivial but they surely never did themselves. The game itself, while not performing great in the later stages, was really good.

Evoland 2 was supposed to be much better, no more old Flash used but fully native code using OpenGL and all the good stuff. While I was told by Nicolas himself that all of this would come to Linux, it’s been 2 years now and I doubt they will ever do anything about it. They have good intentions, I just think the company is just too small for them to deliver on their promises.