Every time I start Lutris, a new version of WINE downloads

Every time I start Lutris, a new version of WINE downloads (whenever an update is available). Is there a way to stop this? Because I really don’t want all these updates filling up the small drive where WINE runs from; forcing me to remove them all.

For all of my games, a couple versions of WINE I have set is perfectly fine. I don’t have a need for any newer version.

Came here to ask the same thing

I much prefer the way it was before, where you’d just download a new version of wine whenever you felt like if was necessary.

Can’t find any setting to disable it…

Actually, I figured it out. I put this in as an environment variable:


I put this in on Flatseal for that app. And that skips the download of anything.

But if not using the Flatpak version, you can put this in the shortcut:

env LUTRIS_SKIP_INIT=1 lutris

That should work.

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@dreaper ; thanks for that info as it worked as I simply edited shortcut (on my Linux Mint system) and changed…

lutris %U


env LUTRIS_SKIP_INIT=1 lutris %U

now when I start Lutris it does not run the updates. but I suspect that also stops it from downloading newer versions of DXVK etc, which I imagine is probably wanted since these are not updated nearly as often.

but I guess that’s passable for now as one could always remove that entry maybe once or twice a year and see if there is any DXVK updates etc and then restore that ‘env’ stuff and be set for a while once again.

p.s. I noticed this stuff started on Lutris v0.5.14 as while I can see it being okay for some people, it ends up being more trouble than it’s worth since they seem to release new GE runners fairly often. even if they want to leave that way as the default, they should at least have a option within Lutris itself to disable checking for new GE runners upon start as I prefer to manually update from time-to-time as most people likely won’t need to update all that often anyways.

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Nice, it’s a decent workaround

But as FitGirlDODIUser says, it probably stops all of the updates like DXVK

I created a feature request at github for a setting to disable this behavior.


A contributor just replied to my feature request saying he’s already working on this, so it will be available at some point :slight_smile:

And actually what he said made me think it’s probably better having it auto-update as default, since many a complaint from people who don’t quite understand how wine works only happen because of old wine builds.

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Perhaps an update to your your request to have a basic schedule - daily (the current default), weekly or on a specific day each month…

As noted, it is hell when people come to the discord server for support sporting a 7.2-2 wine build or wine-staging 8.1 system wine wondering why they can’t run a game with the current dxvk or vkd3d enabled… you should visit sometime to see why this is feature is wanted – right behind Ubuntu updating their repos to pull the latest stable release and not serve up

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Not a bad idea, but I believe to be best to wait till the basic functionality is implemented in the main branch and released before opening a feature request for scheduling updates.

The setting to disable auto-updates was already being worked on for a lil while it seems, he has it ready pretty much as far as I understand, just a simple setting to chose NOT to update wine automatically.

I also think a good thing would be a way to set the maximum amount of builds kept, otherwise it’s gonna add up right quick, wine-GE updates often

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Well, if the game remains the same (as in no live patching BS), you really don’t need to update anything.

The only time I’d say updating matters is if you have a new game that’s a pile of crap with a ton bugs upon release. And lots of online patches are released is where you’ll run into issues.

And lord knows how much of the gaming industry of today is like that. Make a game that’s half baked and fix it later.

Again, doesn’t really matter if your games are not constantly being updated with various changes. Mine aren’t. So this doesn’t affect me.

For people who just want to set their games up and keep them a certain way, the command line argument will work great for them.

Good news for this general topic as on a recent Lutris update (i.e. v0.5.15 (although v0.5.16 is the newest at the time I typed this)), the change log says…

“Download runtime components from the main window,
the “updating runtime” dialog appearing before Lutris opens has been removed”

so we can use Lutris like normal without any special ways to run it now :wink: