Every Manajaro Update kills my PoE Performance

I am using Manjaro Linux, stable, and update as the updates are coming in. I have no trouble whatsorever with my system, with the exception of my Lutris-installed Path of Exile in Wine. I use the stand alone DVXK Installation. Whenever I make a Manjaro Update my Path of Exile is lagging as hell afterwards. Every. Single. Time. And as Manjaro has a rolling release this is quite often the case. I want to understand why this is the case. No, I do not want to leave Manjaro or the rolling release modell.
I use the Lutris and wine which is in the actual Manjaro repository, I use a AMD graphics card driver in the open source version, also usually the latest one due to the rolling release. What is it that kills my performance? I need to understand to get rid of this problem.

Does it only lag the first time you run the game after an update? Then it’s probably due to the shader cache being cleared for each mesa driver upgrade.

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I find I still need to use the dxvk-poe-hack for this game. https://github.com/jomihaka/dxvk-poe-hack

He doesn’t maintain it anymore, so the dxvk version is about a year old now, but it still works the best.

The slowdown is dxvk cache. So the first time you encounter a different enemy, or spell you get stutter which sometimes leads to your death. That patched version of DXVK removes the stutter all together.

ps. I’m using Manjaro also.

Actually, I forgot that GE added it into his custom proton builds. You can enable it with DXVK_ASYNC=1

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Depends on the update, the phase the moon is actually in and the shit of my cat - in other words: sometimes it does, sometimes it ain’t. This actual update is one of these scenarios where it just sucks. Normal gameplay is okay, but as soon as something “unexpected” happens - metamorph spawns, deli boss spawns, timeless monolith spawns etc pp it just gets unplayable into rip. Framedrops to zero for 2-3 seconds are just the death of any char. Before I did this last update I had almost windows like performance - occasional framedrops, but never below 20 FPS and never longer than lets say half a second.
What I don’t understand is where this massive performance change comes from. I do not have Steam, so no proton for me I guess? And I know about the DXVK patch, but this goes beyond my experience with Linux - is there somewhere a good howto? Because the Readme is quite hillarious:

Patch dxvk with pipeline.patch
Set environment variable DXVK_ASYNC=1

Wait… what? How? Why? What? Any help qould be appreciated…

It is totally frustrating, I just lost half of my way to level 97 because of lags.

Another thing is: I tried the new vulcan patch before I did the last update, and it even made my performance better. But then the new Manjaro update was due, and since then it is unplayable AND the vulcan renderer kills POE as soon as I select it - kills in POR freezes and then the game closes.

Have you tried following this guide?

Well, nope, I have not tried it - I tried to try it in the past, but due to beeing stupid it idin’t work for me. But I made it working now and tested a fast “O, there is Drox on the Map” run. The first 2 minutes on the map where HORRBILE, but in a almost welcome way - I know how it feels when it is running the shader thingy - just load load load and no random frame drops. Afterwards it ran quite smooth, better than the last days, almost on par with the one day I had the vulcan renderer running. I will observer carefully and give a report soon.
Until then I gotta thank youse guys for your help, highly appreciated!

Just to give you guys a final update: It is working like a charm now, even the latest update didn’t change any eprformance. Thanks again, much love!

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Well, the next big update, the next hassle - this time it is very strange: Some of my keyboard characters result in wrong characters on the screen - for example if I press “v” I get “ö” (german keyboard, btw). This is only in lutris/wine applications, so it seems to have something to do with wine - but why after the last upgrade? What has changed? Where to look? My keyboard settings in Manjaro are fine, same as before.