Every install fails


I’ve just reinstalled ubuntu 16.04 and now every install fails, previously it was working, the games appear in my library but when i try to launch any of them i get this error “The file /home//Games/warcraft-iii-reign-of-chaos/drive_c/Program Files/Warcraft III/Warcraft III.exe could not be found”

What could cause this? Where can i check the logs of the installer?

Thanks in advance,

Oh hell, turns out i was just stupid and had no wine installed, sorry guys

Change your title to “[Solved] Every instlal fails” if you’re alright with it. I already pointed out in a Feedback Thread that wine support is not trivial. If Lutris downloads and installs runners, it should, at some point, tell the user they need to install WINE systemwide for it to install, or else more people will be frustrated like you!

I’m beyond frustrated. If its installing runners then installing it system wide is redundant. What is the point of Lutris then? Utterly ridiculous.

Installing Wine systemwide is just a really easy way to keep all dependencies updated. There are a lot of libraries involved in running wine.

The point of Lutris is to manage a LOT of runners, and it does that job well. You can also hop between a lot of wine versions pretty easily, and that’s very hand (and quite obnoxious to do manually)

I have also just been bitten by that. After some searching I found this forum topic and then found a wiki article which mentions that Wine needs to be install. After installing Wine, game now installs successfully.

I guess what confused me the most, was that Lutris would report that the game has been successfully installed even if Wine was not globally installed. That left me wondering why do installed games not work.