Every game is freezing my system

A strange bug occours while i`m trying to play on Sparky linux.

When i open a game (tested Ghouls`n ghosts and Samurai shodown) my system just freeze and i need to reboot, only mouse moves.
Before the freeze, some stranges artifact appear on my screen.

Thank you for your attention.

That is a strange bug indeed. Those look like MAME games, have you tried running those games with a version of MAME installed from your distro?

If the bug is related to lutris then maybe disabling the runtime would help but that doesn’t look like it, usually games with runtime issues don’t even run, the fact that there are graphical artifacts prove that the game at least starts.

If this is exclusive to MAME, maybe the build needs to be updated…

Sorry! (23h)
Not every game was freezing, when i tried some games from SNES with the proper runner, they worked fine (Chrono trigger and legend of regaia). The artifacts was appearing outside the game, randomly on screen. I`ll try again with your recommendation and return with a feedback!

Thank you for your time, have a nice week.