Everquest cursor misplacement

I’m running Everquest (https://lutris.net/games/everquest/) on Pop_OS and I encounter the cursor misplacement described every time (the game sees your click somewhat lower than where the pointer is currently drawn). My experience has been that the workaround described, Maximize/Unmaximize the window, almost never fixes the problem on the first try. And if it doesn’t, I can repeat it infinitely and it will not fix the problem. What I have to do is resize the window slightly and repeat the process until it finally works. This looks like the last hurdle, that final bit of annoyance between me and nirvana. Any other workarounds or fixes? I don’t know but maybe if I can figure out a value for “Virtual desktop resolution” which works immediately then the remaining problem would be that I can’t find a way to control the position of the game window when launching from Lutris - and moving the window restores the cursor misplacement issue, so I really want to get the window sized and positioned correctly right at launch time.