EVE online install won't finish

So, I have been having some problems with installing EVE on Ubuntu (20.04.2 LTS x86_64). The install goes normally, I get a popup window for the installer wizard. But when I get to 92% on the EVE installer (not the Lutris one) the error message is: error during the installation process (com.ccpgames.7sp1x64): "cmd /c wusa.exe C:\EVE/Windows6,1- KB3118401-x64.msu /quiet/norestart"
The installer hangs on Installing component Update for C Universal Runtime in Windows...
Retrying the installation does not work. However, if I ignore the error, the game installs but Lutris does not finish the install, even if the game is running. The game then launches an update window, if I don’t cancel it, the game crashes and WINE returns this error: https://hastebin.com/itojakapac.yaml
However, if I cancel it is able to launch and play just fine. However, the Lutris install dialogue keeps going. If I close it and deselect -[] Remove game files, the game files are still removed and I cannot finish the install. The logs from the Lutris installer are too long to put in a pastebin.

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