Esync not working

I’ve followed the lutris guide on getting esync up and running and ulimit -Hn shows 1048576, as it should. I’m on Manjaro 18.1.4 and runing kernel 5.4.1-2-MANJARO. I ran the Lutris installation script for Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order, and I had Origin open downloading the game. It freezes and I have to restart it, the log file shows: eventfd: Too many open files over and over again. So, esync is not working. I’m using the wine bulid the lutris script uses, lutris-jedi-4.20. I have the esync enabled tab checked. Everything, by every measure, should be working. However, it’s not. This is really frustrating. I’ve checked every other post I could find, on Reddit and github as well, and there are absolutely no solutions other than editing the /etc/systemd/user.conf and system.conf along with the /etc/security/limits.conf files, which I had already done forever ago. And like I said, lutris’ own guide says that if ulimit -Hn returns anything over 524288 means you’re good to go, and that’s obviously not the case.

This is game specific. Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order doesn´t work with esync or fsync (Kernel Patch + Proton) enabled. If you have read all this Comments on Reddit and so on, you should have read about it allready. It simply doesnt work.
As long as you dont have a Radoen VIII you wont be able to play this game on Linux having decsent FPS.

I’m sorry but you’re mistaken. You don’t seem to have actually read what I was saying. Jedi Fallen Order wasn’t even running. It was ONLY the origin client that was running. It was downloading Fallen Order. Again, read what I said: “I had Origin open DOWNLOADING THE GAME.” It was not running. So it’s not got anything to do with the game. Also, now that the game has downloaded, I don’t know what you’re talking about because I run it with Esync.
Running /home/matt/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-jedi-4.20-x86_64/bin/wine /home/matt/Games/Lutris/SWJedi/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Origin/Origin.exe

esync: up and running.

I think I see where you got that idea, Protondb has people saying they need to disable esync, but that is the Steam version of the game. I’m playing on Origin, not steam.

Also, @fladie you shouldn’t go around spreading false information to people. I’d already gotten the game to run before you replied, but other people might see that and not even bother. I have a 2600x and an RX 580, nowhere NEAR a Radeon VII. And I get 60fps. With Esync. The original Esync issues seem to be with the Origin client itself. Look for yourself, man.

EDIT 2: Actually I messed up. I forgot I had the frame rate limited at 60, I just raised it and now I get 75 fps. So you’re even more wrong than originally thought. I’m not trying to be rude but man, you obviously didn’t actually research this before just responding telling me and anyone else that sees it that they can’t play unless they have a god tier gpu and that esync doesn’t work even though lutris itself says otherwise. Again. RX 580. 2600x. Medium-high settings. 75 fps. Esync.


Maybe I was mistaken. Every hint I found on getting Fallen Order to run told me to disable Esync oder Fsync. You can provide us with the info on how you did it.

I testet the Steamversion, Origin and the codex version of this game. The only way it ran was to disable E/Fsync. The performance hit was very high (10-15 fps what is fairly unplayable) but I olny have Nvidia GPU´s. This might be another case using a AMD gpu.

I found only one or two Youtube vidoes telling Fsync has been enabled. But I gues these cases are worng.
The Lutris Installer is just a fork of the Origins one. The only change, that has been done is the changed Wine-Version. Additionally it tells you to enable both dxvk and d9vk what should not be correct.

@fladie Explain what about how I got it working? I didn’t do anything. I went to, went to the page for Fallen Order, clicked install. It installed origin, I updated it with the included script, launched origin, and clicked Download for the game. When it downloaded, I clicked launch. Esync is enabled automatically in the script, and I already showed you the logs, Esync is working. Not to mention the fact that lutris-jedi-4.20, the wine version used, is actually just tk-glitch’s fork of wine that has esync and fsync built-in enabled. I get about 90 fps on Medium-High settings, which is about 10-15 fps lower than I would get on Windows with my same GPU.

The thing about Protondb, is it’s only relevant for the steam version. Reports there, and instructions there, are irrelevant when it comes to other versions of the game. People treat protondb as the end-all source when it’s only the (somewhat) end-all source for STEAM games, and nothing else. This game was working on Origin within like 36 hours of launch, it took like a week or so for it to work through Steam. Esync works on the Origin version. Again, as I already showed you from the logs. I have about 9 hours in game, all with Esync.