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Escape From Tarkov Single Player Mod

Just wanted to let you all know the SP-AKI single player Tarkov mod works on Linux. There’s a bit to do to get it running as the client has registry checks to ensure you own a legitimate copy of the game so what you need to do is export your registry keys (LOCAL_MACHINE /Software/Wow6432Node/Microsoft/Windows/Uninstall/EscapeFromTarkov) then create a shortcut (lowercase d: or whatever) in dosdevices to your legit install and then import the registry keys into your wine prefix using wines regedit so it will pass the checks on the uninstall exe and battleeye dll.

In addition you need vcrun2013, vcrun2019, corefonts, .Net 5.0, d9vk (this uses windows directx runtimes which were recently removed from the microsoft site, until winetricks fixes it you can just download manually and copy to .cache/winetricks) and obviously dxvk.

By default the server provided by SP-AKI tries to run https for port 443, in the server.js config files simply change this to something above 1024 (1443) and in the launcher create a new default server with url

There you have it, Tarkov in SP. No lag, no desync, dead scavs on Linux :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Is this still the case as I am just about to try to get it up and running for myself. Just want to talk to an expert before I go guide hunting for adding vcrun2013, vcrun2019, corefonts, .Net 5.0, d9vk and dxv to wine.

God speed you random internet person

Hate to Necro this thread, but I am having a time and a half trying to figure this out. I had AKI Tarkov running on my system when I had windows. I have the game installed with Lutris, I have a new folder with the normal files plus the AKI build files, but I cannot run the patcher to match the game versions. I have been stuck on part one this whole time. A guide for dummies would be great. I am new to Linux (Pop_OS) and I’m absolutely loving it, but this is the one thing I cannot get to work. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi… You’re my only hope!