Escape from Tarkov BattlEye hang

Hey all. I saw a post from about a year ago on this topic:

But I wanted to know if anyone is still playing on Linux now. I followed several of the guides listed, used the Lutris install script, installed the game and all, but I get stuck on “23:00:46: Starting BattlEye Service…” before the game even starts and I can’t figure out a way around it at this point. I’m wondering if this is to do with updates to the game, maybe major implementations of BattlEye, etc.

Is anyone still raiding on Linux? If so, what’s your secret?

Windows games with BattlEye DO NOT work on Linux. The game was only playable on Linux before they added BattlEye (which was quite awhile ago). Since then, it’s not playable. You have to use Windows (unless it’s on GeForceNOW, which it might be, I don’t know). BattlEye blocks VMs so you can’t use VFIO either.

I highly suggest not playing any BattlEye games though, because their EULA is seriously disturbing. Not only do you agree to let them scan all of your memory, your entire system files, your hardware information etc., you also agree that they can share any information with any of their “partners,” and even worse, they literally have “User must acknowledge that the invasive nature of BattlEye is good.” It’s dystopian as hell and the only way any of this is going to change is if people stop playing their games.

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